Joining hands has never made more sense.

Come be a part of the world’s largest cloud kitchen business!

Why Partner with Rebel

Choosing the right business partner is the biggest investment you can ever do in your business. Because great success stories begin with great business partners. That’s the power of togetherness, you divide the risk and multiply the wisdom. That’s what we are here for.

About Rebel

The world’s largest & fastest growing internet restaurant company” that’s what we are known as but that’s just the small part of this huge story. Rebel foods was founded in 2011 with a motto of offering unique, delightful & memorable experiences across varied food missions.

Partner Criteria

We will be more than happy to partner with you if you are a Food operator/ Institution who wants to start “Delivery only” brands, or an existing Food aggregator/ F&B player wanting to build cloud capabilities

Key Benefits

Wondering if you can be a Rebel Partner?

The REBEL Cloud model simply takes away a lot of restrictions that limit the growth of your F&B business. This not only gives you more time to innovate but also reduces the risk significantly while helping you scale up your business 10X faster and in a more capital-efficient way. Not just that, our Operating systems can be used to flexibly deploy the right food products or brands for varied taste profiles across geographies


Higher ROI



Cloudify operations

Success Stories

In the UK, we witnessed a demand for British-Asian fusion food. Considering that, we launched a brand called Holy Cow! - thanks to its authentic fresh taste and quality it has quickly achieved popularity.

UAE had a huge demand for Lebanese cuisine. After understanding the huge potential we launched an authentic Lebanese food brand to suit the local palate.

There was a huge market for native cuisine in Indonesia. To meet this high demand we launched a native cuisine brand in an easy compact box format.


No we are not restricted to any particular country or territory. Our franchise model can easily be adapted across geographies. Anybody from around the globe can become a franchise partner, as long as our partner criterias are met.

Fixed license fee of $1 million across 3 yearsFranchise/ royalty fees at 3% of cart salesTransaction fee of $0.15 per transaction

No, there are no additional fees or hidden charges apart from the ones mentioned above. However, any ancillary services outside the scope of the agreement may be charged. In case you are interested in having the rights to sell one of Rebel’s existing brands in the local market, additional royalty fee may apply.