Key Benefits

The REBEL Cloud model simply takes away a lot of restrictions that limit the growth of your F&B business. This not only gives you more time to innovate but also reduces the risk significantly while helping you scale up your business 10X faster and in a more capital-efficient way. Not just that, our Operating systems can be used to flexibly deploy the right food products or brands for varied taste profiles across geographies


We help you expand your F&B brand with long-term & sustainable ideas. Our integrated platforms enable you to launch virtual brands with minimal lead time across any food trend

Higher ROI

Our cloud kitchen model lets you innovate using same the manpower, kitchen, tech & supply infrastructure. Which means effective utilisation of fixed costs & higher ROI guaranteed.


Our cloud model minuses the location or capital risk & allows quick adaptability to cash on new trends and seasonal demands


End-to-end integration & support to help you create a Full-stack model with effective data utilization and smart equipments

Cloudify operations

Get a complete blueprint on how to setup and manage your Kitchens, Brands, Channels, Supply chain & Systems